Extreme Eyelash Extensions

Get long, luxurious, natural-looking and feeling eye lashes that last up to two months!  Get the look that supermodels have had that has just become available to the general public! 


Lash extensions come in basic black and brown.  Eyelash extensions are applied to original lashes.  Highlight extensions currently come in blue, purple, and green.  Touch-ups will be needed in about four weeks. 


For optimal results, original lashes may need to be tinted one week before procedure if natural lashes are too light in color.  Procedure may take from 90 to 150 minutes - depending on desired thickness.  


Clients are required to have a brief consultation before scheduling the eyelash extensions (Included in price - approximately 15 minutes.) 


Extensions may not be suitable for every one.  To save time, we ask that clients come without eye make up.  If that is not possible, we can remove it.